Skylight balloons at work!

Amazing lack of traffic on the roads this “busiest travel day of the year”. Luckily for me, it looks like I’ll be arriving in NYC early!

I just realized I’m a full-blown atheist. I’m comin’ out of the atheist closet, everyone! Look at me! I don’t believe in God! Woah!

Make that a dancing gangster, not ganster. Looks like a fun working vacation for me this summer!

Good day today: shot production stills for a friend’s music video and got a hot new haircut. Werk!

Sometimes I think everything I say should be recorded for posterity.

I’m still looking for a place to live starting June 1, pref. Astoria. If anyone needs a roomie or knows someone who does, let me know!

This weather makes me want to go to the beach! (specifically Fire Island…)

FYI, I just did a private table reading of Guys and Dolls, produced by @ErinCronican. It was a blast! Deets here:

So the health department decided to inspect my restaurant at 10:30pm… And we got an A! (No surprise there.) What a relief.